The Reading Journey

I wonder if there is any journey of a reader when reading books

I think i have one

When i was an elementary school student, i loved reading comics. My fav one is detective conan. Since reading it, i really like something mysterious and wished to be a detective. The comics are monochrome by the way.

After that, detective conan released a colorful comic. That was very cool and expensive. Sometimes when you hold monochrome comics, they would rest you mark in the hand ^^ very different when you touch colorful comics, no mark at all, haha.

When i became a high school student, there was a comic series named death note. This comic is not about detective but quite mysterious story. Unfortunately there was no colorful papers in the death note comics. I still liked it because of the story.

My high school had a nice library with bunch of books. Here i started to stare at the novel shelves. In the end, i moved from reading comic to the novel. Fiction book.

Fiction story relies on the imagination of the author and i guess i have read a lot of marvelous fiction novels. No more comic. This kind of book also succeed to make me cry, laugh, annoyed and smile in one. Something that i did not get from the comic. One of my fav novel is Ayah 50%.

And then i was a college student, where i guess that was the last of journey, or, i don’t know :/ i read non-fiction books whether they are biography, psychology, motivation, IR, true story or/and religion type.

Reading non-fiction is really stimulating. I feel satisfied. Sometimes the books were so hard to be understood, but when you came to the final understanding, which means finally you understood the author’s masterpiece, it was so exceptionally good.

Purpose is a pull, motivation is an encouragement.

Most of the time, non-fiction books became my encouragement. To be happier, to be grateful, to be broad-minded, etc. Surely there was the ‘strange’ books sometimes, since i think i am not ready yet, i would stop read those and found another one.

Bear in mind that we don’t have to force ourselves to read everything!

I believe “there-is-a-time”
If the book / book type is good, they will come back to you sooner or later
If the book / book type is not good, fortunately you don’t read one ;D


The Second Time

So happy to have an opportunity to go back to a book fair this year. It is still marvelous and the books keep thought-provoking

I used to walk to the booths in sequence. Yet, this time i go to the booths randomly and it makes me confused when i come back to the front booths and forget it is the booth i have visited or not, wkwk

In a positive way, the vibes bring me to an area that sell many-things-not-book. I am tempted. I avoided this area last year because i wanted to be focus searching the good books *ceila. Now i think this area is not a bad idea 😀

During my trip to the venue, the banners in the big street shocks me. There is a fashion fest that i also came last year for the thesis business, held at the same time with the same venue with the book fair this year -_-

What brought me to the book fair is caused by my thesis too. Oh no, this is nostalgia, the book fair – the interview – the fashion fest – then the dream… 😦 unexpectedly i have been through a year, an upside down year, hmm, too much to be grateful at, fiuhhh

I imagine, will i come back to the book fair next year, and maybe the fashion fest too?… When i also imagine, that i would be suppose to be at another place with another vibes…………..


Okay i start rambling, read a new book is a healer i guess ^^”

Let’s get something to read, folks

A Panic Smombie

A smombie sleeps at a night train while she goes home from the office
Suddenly a woman next to her – who doesn’t know that the smombie is sleeping – surprises her by spreading news that there is a car-train accident at somewhere, affect to the our so slow train now

A smombie gets panic. What comes first on her mind is she doesn’t bring a phone charger -_-

Then, a woman next to her again, shows her a picture of the accident, where a car is destroyed below the train. Smombie gets terrified

Smombie’s train stops at its last station, but that is not smombie station to go. Smombie thinks that she will have a long long long time to wait until the accident evacuation is finished and she could go home immediately. At the same time, Smombie realizes that she doesn’t eat rice since afternoon, accordingly she decides to go to the supermarket out of the station first.

After buying meals and go outside the supermarket, she looks around her, a hurly-burly – confusing – unconducive atmosphere. This is for the first time for her facing train problem alone! She thinks spontaneously and click online ojek app. She is supposed to eat – – ”

A driver accepts the order. She worries, the journey is so far and she does not know the road, night is dark too… (

During her way to the post office where the driver locates in, she asks some person to avoid the wrong path to the post office, a lot of good person help, including a human with evil mouth. She never stop walking and praying.

After that, she meets the driver and gratefully he is a good man. The journey starts. A panic smombie arrives at home with coldy body. Anyway, in the middle of journey, smombie falls her helm 😀 so drama

At home, smombie eats the fried noodle that she buys at the supermarket. Then, she goes to sleep when she feels not good

At 1.30 A.M. Something wakes her up. Apparently, the stomach wants to esvicerate, basically GAG!!

The first round is end. But the stomach doesn’t want to stop yet. Well, there are three rounds of gag, ladies and gentleman…

Uuhh smombie has never felt gag for a long time and the feeling of gag is still the same anyway: BAD in the beginning and RELIEF in the end 😡

Smombie now changes her mind, she will never imagine the joy of bike tour anymore. The experience with the online driver is better to be the last for her, she is not that tough in a fast-night-long trip, ckck

Smombie will also bring phone charger to go to the office, cause she needs to tell her condition to the family and friends if there is something happen with the train. Ahh feels like a pure smombie with smartphone, charger and headset everyday with you.

Told Everything

You told something
Something that made me think
You told again
Another stories that i never expected
You shared a view
Two, three, uncountable views
I listened
Still listen

One day
Your ‘something’, stories, views
Made me realize that apparently
You told everything
When i say everything
Means literally everything

How come
How come you did it when i struggled to save my privacy

All of the answer of my confusion
Finally came up

When you with your teary eyes
Needed someone to listen
When somebody listened to you, yet never asking

Hey you! I am not a bad listener anyway 🙂

Too Reckless to be True


“you are not supposed to do that”
“it is impossible”
“seriously, stop it”

What do people think when they hear something like above? What are they gonna do? Continue or stop?

Sometimes i am confused between stubborn and persistent. When what i did was fail, simply i guess it was because my stubborn. And when i succeed, maybe because my persistence. Well, this is not one hundred percent right.

For example, If I was not that brave to chat a book editor in UK, i would never have gotten his chapter in pdf for free. On the other hand, If i never had an appointment with a designer-who-didnt-know-me, i would never have a wasted-time-for-waiting.

I just push to the limit. Looks like a reckless action. But, now i realise, when you do not find a good person, it does not mean there are no people could help you in the universe when you need a favor, there are bunch of good people.

“kind-hearted people are everywhere, do not stuck on one or two”

Besides that, sometimes, your relatives or your friends or your colleagues opinion are not a long-lasting thing. People changes. Life changes. System changes. Perhaps something did not work for them two or three months ago. But who knows tomorrow will be the same? And maybe this is about subjectivity, hard to be an objective person, isn’t it

The best steps from this case are
1. Analyze
Analyze the problem you face, see some resources maybe, take a good time to think. Keep relax.
2. Open minded
When your brain is still hungry of information, it is time to ask people what they think about the problem. Do not take it for granted.
3. Decision
Collect all the data, put interpretation, i think in this phase, we have reached the solution

Unfortunately, as a dynamic person, how many times have i practiced those steps………..

The Employment


I met a vacancy that when I saw it, I said: here it is. Let’s call it X. I applied for it while I still looked for another vacancies. Another vacancies didn’t make me said something above, except two/three vacancies before applying for the X. For me, there was no time to wait, much is better. So, I kept apply for bunch of interesting companies.

Next day, there was an interview invitation from X. The interview went well and called for the second interview later on. The second interview required me to face a person for one hour and a team for one hour. So actually the total of the interview was three! The result was an offer letter.

What I really want to tell is about what we want and what the bunder is. I have told my interview experiences in the previous post. Sometimes after interview I thought that company/position was gonna be the best for me but I failed. Or even for sort of vacancies, I felt like those were really me, but they never invited for an interview. The logic is I would never work at the X if another company hired me first.

This kind of situation increases my faith to God’s power. The fate of mine was already written. It does not mean that we do not have to spend a lot of effort. We still have to be a hardworker. I think it is normal if we think this is my best, this is not. But, sometimes what we think the best for us is not the best for us according to God, and what we think the worse for us is not the worse for us according to God. We have to have deep understanding about that and we have to learn more to not to blame the situation, otherwise never stop trying.

I am really grateful with the scenario of my life now. I hope the good things keep continue and come in the future. I also hope I still could be a good dreamer.

‘dare to dream’

Banana Nugget

(12 potong) 
Bahan nugget:

3 pisang matang

1 butir telur

4 sdt tepung terigu

3 sdt susu kental manis

1 sdt gula halus

1/2 sdt garam
Bahan kulit:

1 butir telur

Tepung terigu secukupnya

Garam secukupnya

Tepung panir secukupnya

Minyak secukupnya

Cara membuat:

1. Panaskan kukusan. Lunakkan pisang dalam wadah menggunakan garpu hingga cukup lembut. Masukkan telur dan aduk rata

2. Masukkan susu kental manis dan garam, aduk rata. Tambahkan ayakan gula halus dan tepung terigu, aduk rata

3. Tuang kedalam cetakan yang telah dilapisi baking paper. Kukus selama 30 menit

4. Setelah matang, potong-potong menyerupai nugget, masukkan kedalam wadah tepung, ratakan. 

5. Beri sedikit garam pada telur, kocok sebentar. Tuangkan nugget yang sudah ditepungi ke wadah telur, ratakan. Terakhir pindahkan nugget ke wadah tepung panir, ratakan kembali. 

6. Nugget siap digoreng dengan api sedang. Setelah digoreng, nugget bisa ditambahkan topping sesuai selera. 
Happy cooking 🙌