A Big Smile

I coveted to sit on the back seat of busway, maybe just because the seat was the highest of all. I imagined I could see more view there. However, I used to think that seats on the back of busway deserved for men. So, I used to go right after getting in which the right [...]


Stopover by Stopover

Research made me have to open many universities website, either US unis or Asia's unis or anything else. Obviously, I need the substance of the website, yet oftentimes I was captivated by the website design. I dunno web design or design layout or graphic design - the right terms I suppose to say, but let [...]

He does not change. I change.

Fortunately still have a chance to feel the atmosphere of ielts test again. Learning ielts within full time job is so hard. However, it has to be faced. Listening is the monster and i am very focus at this section. Often trying the mock test at internet. On the Day, i feel that i am [...]

International School

Honestly, i never went to the international school before. So, when my company assigned me to go to one of international school, i was excited (a lot). And yea, after arrived, i was tacky seeing bunch of young foreigner students. Some of them looked so baby face, some of them looked old, few of them [...]

In the Tip of Ramadhan

Ramadhan is a month for Moslem to act their worship by doing fast. This is mandatory and beneficial for their soul and body, aside from purifying the link with God. Many scholars have explained the advantages, for instance fast gives the opportunity to our digestion having a good rest after working about 11 months in [...]

That Young Woman

She scarcely woke up in the midnight. She guessed that that was the time when God wanted to talk to her (or the girl who more needed to talk). So, she searched the water and go on praying. After praying, she slept again. She got up around 5 and pray again. She was so sleepy [...]

The Reading Journey

I wonder if there is any journey of a reader when reading books I think i have one When i was an elementary school student, i loved reading comics. My fav one is detective conan. Since reading it, i really like something mysterious and wished to be a detective. The comics are monochrome by the [...]