The Employment


I met a vacancy that when I saw it, I said: here it is. Let’s call it X. I applied for it while I still looked for another vacancies. Another vacancies didn’t make me said something above, except two/three vacancies before applying for the X. For me, there was no time to wait, much is better. So, I kept apply for bunch of interesting companies.

Next day, there was an interview invitation from X. The interview went well and called for the second interview later on. The second interview required me to face a person for one hour and a team for one hour. So actually the total of the interview was three! The result was an offer letter.

What I really want to tell is about what we want and what the bunder is. I have told my interview experiences in the previous post. Sometimes after interview I thought that company/position was gonna be the best for me but I failed. Or even for sort of vacancies, I felt like those were really me, but they never invited for an interview. The logic is I would never work at the X if another company hired me first.

This kind of situation increases my faith to God’s power. The fate of mine was already written. It does not mean that we do not have to spend a lot of effort. We still have to be a hardworker. I think it is normal if we think this is my best, this is not. But, sometimes what we think the best for us is not the best for us according to God, and what we think the worse for us is not the worse for us according to God. We have to have deep understanding about that and we have to learn more to not to blame the situation, otherwise never stop trying.

I am really grateful with the scenario of my life now. I hope the good things keep continue and come in the future. I also hope I still could be a good dreamer.

‘dare to dream’


Banana Nugget

(12 potong) 
Bahan nugget:

3 pisang matang

1 butir telur

4 sdt tepung terigu

3 sdt susu kental manis

1 sdt gula halus

1/2 sdt garam
Bahan kulit:

1 butir telur

Tepung terigu secukupnya

Garam secukupnya

Tepung panir secukupnya

Minyak secukupnya

Cara membuat:

1. Panaskan kukusan. Lunakkan pisang dalam wadah menggunakan garpu hingga cukup lembut. Masukkan telur dan aduk rata

2. Masukkan susu kental manis dan garam, aduk rata. Tambahkan ayakan gula halus dan tepung terigu, aduk rata

3. Tuang kedalam cetakan yang telah dilapisi baking paper. Kukus selama 30 menit

4. Setelah matang, potong-potong menyerupai nugget, masukkan kedalam wadah tepung, ratakan. 

5. Beri sedikit garam pada telur, kocok sebentar. Tuangkan nugget yang sudah ditepungi ke wadah telur, ratakan. Terakhir pindahkan nugget ke wadah tepung panir, ratakan kembali. 

6. Nugget siap digoreng dengan api sedang. Setelah digoreng, nugget bisa ditambahkan topping sesuai selera. 
Happy cooking 🙌

Blessings Dilemma 2

images (4).jpg

What a big and spontaneous decision. I said to the woman in front of me, if the roll call came – you deserved to take my turn! I went to the first floor. Actually, I did not know where I should go, because it was like a paranoia – afraid people heard my conversation in the call, when I stood near the stairs, I was still afraid somebody ‘important’ hearing the conversation. Burning the candle at both ends, I knew -_-

So, I chose to sit at the chair in the first floor. Phone interview in the other company-for-interview, so weird. The sound at the first floor was not calm. TV sound. People sound. Then, there are bunch of times I asked to the interviewers repeating their statements/questions. Well, I thought it was my bad interview of all. Moreover, the interview was so longgg. Of course, I was not relax. Believe it or not, I still wished my turn at that fourth floor was not ‘hijacked’ from that woman, lol.

And the phone interview ended. I went to the lift and I met the woman with the second turn on the way home. We said goodbye. In the lift, I went upstairs impatiently, and when I arrived, the woman with the fourth turn ‘disappeared’. I couldn’t save my turn. Ah.

In the waiting time, another woman came, okay, interviewer list did not stop yet apparently. I talked to her and surprisingly we had the same university and the same major. Ckck. Finally, my turn came. I entered the interview room and started the interview. Honestly, upside down with the phone interview, for me, interview at that company in Pasar Minggu – was my best interview of all. Although, I knew the chance was small, in as much as the experience that another interviewers had (I am nothing from them).

I thought, several interviews before this company in PasMing, I lost myself. I did not know why I could not understand myself more, I did not describe myself well, like taken for granted. Not bad, nor perfect. I still love the experience. All experiences are my best teacher, definitely. Anyway, still have no clue where my ship stops by right now, and I open for other interview and the story. Let’s see. Wish it be beautiful.

Blessings Dilemma 

An interview call was so exciting. I couldn’t believe I could get this opportunity in a biggest company. Although it is just an internship, I had a vision not everybody reached it. It would be on Monday.

Then, an office number called me the next day. When I spoke to a woman, she directly asked something related to interview. Unbelievable, that was my semi-interview. No. My first semi-interview. I was anxious because I had no preparation. At the end, she invited me a face to face interview…. On Monday!

Two interviews on Monday.

OMG! I had to face two companies I like wanting interview in the same day with the range only one hour. I couldn’t. I couldn’t predict my first interview would finish less than one hour, right.

In the middle of confusion, my mom suggested me to reschedule the biggest company interview. I emailed the recruiter but what I got was just auto reply: I am out of in the office, call me if urgent. What? I didn’t have your number!

And the Monday came, she emailed that she couldn’t reschedule, ‘let her know if I am still available for an interview or not’. Anyway it would be a phone interview. I am surrender. Rather than missing both, better missing one, I decided to not reply the recruiter email.

So, I went to my place for un-phone interview at Pasar Minggu. There were 6 persons applying the same position as me. I got third queue. I talked with some candidates and discovered i was the only fresh graduate…

The second queue had the floor to enter the interview room. I became nervous. One way to go. I chose to continue talking with the fourth queue distracting my nervous feeling. Suddenly, there was a call on my phone, i was shocked, i could guess the caller, i already realized i have spent almost one hour queuing. But i didn’t confirm ‘i’m still available’ in the email yet right, where actually i was not available at that time seriously…



To be continued

Harvest Moon


When I surfed in the internet, suddenly I was reminded the soundtrack of harvest moon. I directly searched the soundtrack and found it at soundcloud. I guessed the account is official, in that it provides a full package of the soundtracks, so cool! I just realized the soundtrack was so beautiful, maybe it is one of the reasons why I love the game. :3

Harvest moon is my old favorite game. When I played it, I could forget the time and addicted. It is a role game. We act as a farmer, we have to take care the farm and we also act like a citizen of a village. I remembered that I ever stole the time in the night to play, I thought there would be nobody realized it until my mom woke up and took something out on me >_<

What I was really proud from playing, I am who founding the fishing rod first from other players at that time. Ckckck, what a child. I knew it was just a game but sometimes I did something so serious. For example, we got a very messy field in the house. When another players didn’t too care with the field, I even cleaned the field almost everyday.

The game taught us to be patient. “what we got depends on our efforts”. The more efforts out, the more success you are. But sometimes when I was lazy, I used cheat and I got 999.999.999 unlimited money wkwkwk. Yet trust me, playing honest is more elegant rather than using a cheat. 😉

I was so happy playing harvest moon, but if I got an opportunity to play it again, perhaps I would say no. Like what I said before, when I played the game, I became an ‘alive-zombie’, it is not good for my future, ekekeke. Actually, harvest moon is not the only one, I mean, I tend to forget the time when I play amusing games (poker is also my favorite one -_-).

Anyway, besides harvest moon, I also have the other favorite game at playstation, it is Yu-Gi-Oh! When I could combine two cards become a ‘giant’ card, I flew was happy. Unfortunately, I guess there are sort of levels that ‘a common player’ could not win, because the computer has considerably crazy cards. I still won though. Do not be surprised. Yeah, I won several times… thank you game shark #eh

Then, What Next? 

2013, i started study in undergraduate level, it need 4 years to finish, i studied about international relations, i was excited, then i doubted my choice, then i was relieved, then repeated steps one two three.


2017, ups and downs in the college are over. November 5, me and a lot of friends entered the uni auditorium. We smiled. People saw. People recorded. We went through the ceremony. Still we smiled?

November 5 in the afternoon, i thought i will get notification that i accepted to work at a company, i was still waiting
November 5 in the evening, i guessed there will be no notification, absolutely, my dream to work on monday november 6 will not happen.

November 6, i went home. In the train, i got a call, i thought it was a call for interview request from a company that 310+ people applied for the same position like me, apparently, it is from an institute where i want to study at. What does it mean?

November 7, i am in the station, i will go to the institute, i will face the fact that i fail or dont fail from the previous document selection. I was so calm. Unusual. I really want to study at this institute, this major is related with my childhood want-to-be. But, something stucks in the heart, what is exactly my future? Career? Study? Career and study? What next?

I am bloody curious and it brings about my calm. Until, my train comes late now, i am frightened -_-“

A Girl Life in the 21st Century

Mama told me that she had cooked since kindergaten and it was a responsible in the family. She also went to the market, buying all the things she need to cook. That is a life in the twentieth century.

How is mine?

I couldn’t cook specific and so-delicious-padang dishes. But i knew cooking is an important thing in a family. During staying at the dormitory or rent room when i was still a uni student, what i really miss from home is mama’s cooking. Then, i imagine what people miss from home if their mothers couldn’t cook… Inside or outside the home – they prefer delivery food or going out finding something to eat – no differentiation.

‘Fortunately’, when i only had a task to do a bachelor thesis (bt), no more dormitory or rent room, i stayed at home. Started at this year, i was busy doing bt. Then, sometimes, i was bored. I need something refreshing. That was the time i continued my passion making cakes. A bunch of cakes. I was so happy.

Until… My mom said that ‘my future family will not only eat cake’. I got a sign she wanted me to learn cooking the main course. I always think the hardest main course to make is gulai. Gulai is a food containing coconut milk, spices and herbs, fish/chicken then boiled. When I want to eat and nothing to eat, I encouraged to make gulai. I searched the recipe and started that challenge.

I didn’t fail. That was rare. I used to fail making a cake, but this hardest one… I succeed. Apparently, gulai might not be as hard as I assumed, or simply maybe I have conquered the gulai? Ckck

I have to insert that gulai mission into seven wonders of Farah. This is it, a girl life in the twenty first century >_<